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Blindfold Chess World Record Event December 3, 2016


Photos from Event


Who:            GM Timur Gareyev


What:           Most simultaneous blindfolded chess wins

                   #of boards: 48 (80.2% wins)

                   Results: 35 wins, 6 losses, 7 draws


When:          3:38am 12/04/16 (Duration: 19 hours)


Where:         Foundations Building at UNLV, Las Vegas


Timur Gareyev has been training to break the record for blindfold chess over the course of 2 years.  He currently holds two unofficial records.  One for Tandem Blindfold Chess with current simultaneous blindfolded chess win Guinness record holder, Marc Lang and a second record for most consecutive rapid blindfold blitz games (64).  His attempt is unique because he played his games while riding an exercise bike.

Thank you to everyone who supported this event.  Special thank you to the Organizer Jennifer Vallens of OFF da ROOK and to the 48 players who participated.

Thank you to the many others who helped make this event a success.  Juan and Sabrina Jauregui of the Las Vegas Chess Center, Joe Sly of UNLV, Jay Stallings CYCLMarck Cobb of Karpov ICIM, Keith and Ray of Killer Dutch Productions and Lennart Ootes.


Press event links:




Video moments after win:


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